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If you’re a premium publisher, video is a key component to you staying relevant and in the game.  The quality and substance of your video product, both as editorial and advertising, in large part dictates how much time a user spends on your site and how much they engage.  


Understanding that time and engagement equate to pages turned and ads clicked, we’ve developed a best-in-class video advertising solution that is comprised of proprietary technology, custom ad units, and a broad selection of top brand advertisers.  And we've done it in a way that delivers optimum conversions for advertisers, while adding incremental inventory and value to a publisher's mobile web business.

Eyal Fishler

Tech Jedi

“Innovation is the key to success”
A serial entrepreneur who builds and leads teams in the design, development, launch and operation of innovative businesses .
Chairman and CEO at Jukata, A cloud media storage and streaming platform for enabling users to sync their media to the net and access using a mobile phone, browser and game consoles. Founder & CTO of Mobile Tornado PLC. Mobile Tornado created the Push To Talk over IP protocol Mobile Tornado is a public company traded in London Stock Exchange AIM:MBT – 25 patents in the mobile space with the latest being an acoustic database compression technology. – Israeli security award 2004 – GSP11 – Singularity University graduate program.

Yossi Fishler


Senior sales individual with solid ability to drive revenue growth, increase bottom line profits and assure customer satisfaction in competitive markets. Possesses the ability to thrive in challenging environments and use superb critical thinking and analytical skills in providing innovative solutions to existing or emerging problems. Versatile professional with strong leadership capabilities to effectively produce market share capture and support overall organisational goals for growth and profitability. Expertise leading sales activities within a technology environment delivering comprehensive sales presentations to various executives including Product Developers, Engineering, Operations, Product Management and CIO’s.

Sean Murphy


Sean has spent the past 15 years working in internet content publishing and software distribution. Prior to joining Andy Sean served in multiple rolls at CBS Interactive, most recently as SVP & General Manager for Download.com, the second largest consumer software portal in the world. While under Sean’s leadership Download.com launched new products and business models that generated tens of millions in incremental revenue and profit, and in the process helped software developers around the world reach millions of consumers in a highly effective and efficient manner. Prior to CBS Interactive Sean was at International Data Group (IDG). Sean holds a BA in English from the University of Oregon.

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