Video Advertising Network

What to Look For in a Good Video Ad Network



Targeting allows advertisers to pinpoint the right audience at the right time, which increases conversion rates and other important metrics like eCPM. Options include geo-targeting (location based), behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, and re-targeting. Targeting is especially important in ensuring your amazing video ads don’t fall on deaf eyes and ears and are relevant to your target audience.


Cross Screen

Don’t put all your ads in one basket. Spreading out your video ads across a range of devices and formats will ensure more user viewability and brand awareness. Because users are adept at moving from device to device, your ads should appear in a range of formats: video, display and mobile.



Various Formats

Having variety in your repertoire will ensure that your ads appeal to different segments of users to ensure more conversions.  SearchSafer has customized ad units for the best performance:


  • Sticky Ads - Appear at the bottom of user’s screen and stay in place

  • Inline Ads - Appear in-line of content on user’s screen

  • Expandable - Appear within content, expands from margin to margin


You can experiment to see which ad format works best for your various video ad campaigns.



A great ad network is able to provide you with analytics and tools to measure, evaluate and improve your video ad campaigns and ensure that they’re performing optimally. SearchSafer provides all the standard analytical tools so you can track your performance.


SearchSafer Advertising Network

Provide us with your awesome video content, we’ll wave our magic wand, turn it into an ad and publish it on relevant websites and apps. SearchSafer ads are exclusively video that play automatically, a hugely popular format.



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