Video Ad Serving Template

Choose from 3 different autoplay video ad formats:


  • Sticky Ads - Appear at the bottom of user’s screen and stay in place.                            Think of an old-school sticky note. Sticky ads are the same, with placement at the bottom of a user’s screen that stay in the same place. Users continue to scroll up or down and the ad remains in one place. Because of their placement, sticky ads have high user viewability.


  • Inline Ads - Appear in-line of content on user’s screen.                                                     These ads appear inline of the content of ad’s context. Because of this, they are clean and non-intrusive. They don’t take up the whole screen when they appear in-feed. They are slightly smaller and move up and down according to how the user scrolls on the feed.


  • Expandable - Appear within content, expands from margin to margin.                     Ads that follow the flow of a user’s scroll. If scrolling up away from the position of a video ad, it disappears until you scroll back to that location. This type of ad format uses the same amount of space as the feed.

You can experiment, mix and match and see what works best for you!

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