Solutions for Small Businesses

Small business owners are the unsung heroes of today. To stay relevant and be seen in this often chaotic digital landscape, you have to work hard, but more importantly, you have to know to partner with. Whether you are a small advertising agency, retailer or publisher, you deserve to succeed and keep a competitive edge. The SearchSafer platform for small business will equip you with tools to both convert (for advertisers) and earn (for publishers and businesses) while allowing you to focus on your company’s main projects.


SearchSafer’s network connects you with partners on the other side of the fence for a win-win situation. Advertisers get connected to top-notch publishers relevant to your target audience to bring in a CPM rate of up to 500% of the industry average. Publishers and small businesses (both digital and mobile) win by displaying cutting-edge video ads that allow you to sit back, focus on your company vision, all the while earning revenue simply by user views. It’s that simple.


The SearchSafer platform allows small businesses to easily track metrics as a feedback mechanism to ensure you are performing optimally.

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